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Wedding Day Emergency Kit Must Haves

A wedding day often has many moving parts, and the last thing you would need is a fashion or beauty emergency and not having what you need to fix it. Oily makeup, a rip in a dress or suit, hair not staying put, spilling coffee or wine on your pants, random string hanging off your clothes.. All things that could happen on a wedding day. That’s why having a wedding day emergency kit is important to pack in your wedding day bag. The best part – it’s simple to put together and may actually end up saving the day!

Read on to learn more about what to put in a wedding day emergency kit with this list of wedding day emergency kit must haves. Think of this as your wedding day survival kit bag, and it can be used for brides, grooms and even bridesmaids.

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Wedding Day Emergency Kit Must Haves

Additional Items (Optional)

The following items are additional things you could also include in your kit!

  • Medicine – Ibuprofen, allergy medicine, etc.
  • Lip stick – If you get your makeup professionally done, sometimes they will give you a little travel tube of the lipstick they used for your look in order to refresh your lip color throughout the evening.
  • Mosquito juice
  • Band-aids
  • Neosporin
  • Super glue
  • Hand sanitizer

*What is in the Sewing Kit?

I purchased this mini travel sewing kit from Amazon and it is an awesome compact travel sewing kit. Included in the kit are travel folding scissors, needles, needle threader, ball head straight pins, safety pins (I added more to include a variety of sizes), buttons, measuring tape, and various colored thread. All packed into a cute little travel case.

I love that all of these items come in travel sizes. As a result, it may seem like a lot of items, but they all easily fit into a medium size cosmetic bag.

I hope this helps you put together your wedding day emergency kit. Here’s to having the best wedding day ever, and if any emergencies arise, this small but mighty kit will have your back!

Flat lay image of wedding day emergency kit must have items
Cosmetic bag image full of wedding day emergency kit must have items

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Flat lay image of wedding day emergency kit must haves
Flat lay image of wedding day emergency kit must have items

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